About My Masters Degree

For those who want to further their studies from bachelor degree to masters degree at the university that I'm currently studying, I would like to give some advise.

1. It is better if you gain some experiences before you registered for masters because fresh graduates have almost "nothing to say" in the class due to the lack of experiences to relate with.

2. You will be surprise because most the task for masters degree will become twice or thrice difficult as compared to bachelor degree.

3. You can actually say that your bachelor degree's theses or project paper is equivalent to one final assignment for one paper in masters degree. Let say you have 9 papers altogether, its like doing 9 bachelors degree's theses.

4. The credit hours you take for each semesters will not affect your semester fees, as full time and part time students are different in terms of the limit for credit hours per semester and also the amount of fees. For full time students, they are allowed to take maximum credit hours for one semester, let say maximum 18 credit hours, but they only took 3 credit hours, the semester fees are the same, regardless they registered for 18 credit hours or 3 credit hours.

5. You will be allowed to register only if you have paid all your tuition fees.

6. You will be regarded as "crazy" if you took 15 units=5 papers in one semester. Seriously, you cant handle 5 papers in one semester as oppose to 7-8 papers persemester during bachelor degree.

7. Each class supposed to be last for 3 hours but most lecturers conducted the class for about 2 hours, rarely up to 3 hours.

8. The classes can be either 8-11am, 9-12pm, and sometimes up to 8-11pm.

9. Your classmates normally are not as same age as you, they maybe younger but mostly they are older than you, if you are fresh graduates.

10. Please make contact with your other classmates because you all going to depend to each other more than you can imagine.

11. You will be surprised to know that what you have learnt during your bachelor degree are very limited and did not help that much during your masters degree, I would say, this is beyond what you have learnt during bachelor degree.

12. You think you are at the top of the world when you graduated for bachelor degree, but you will notice that you are not so top of the world if you are a masters student.

13. Lots of people praised you if you tell them you are a masters student, assuming that you will become a lecturer and get better jobs, but for you, you dont even bother all that, you just want to graduate as soon as possible.

14. Some student completed their masters degree in one year, but normally it takes 2 years for arts stream student to finish their masters. As for me, I took more than 3 years, one year for classes, 2 years for masters thesis.

15. DO NOT underestimate the masters thesis, as it will become your worst nightmare. Some classmates I knew have quit their studies because of the difficulties in completing  masters thesis.

16. For full time students, you will have lots of free time, but still you have to be very alert because lots of free time makes you become lazier.

17. If you expecting better job or better payment after you graduated with masters thesis, its a big possibilities that you will be dissapointed. So its better if you aim for development of knowledge, for the sake of knowledge.

18. The more you learn, the more you felt that you have learnt nothing.

19. Its all mostly about research, so make sure you are alright with academic style of writing and publishing.

20. Last but not least, I think that my English has not improved as I expected even though my 1st degree was English, and I'm currently doing masters in English. But one thing for sure, I've learnt lots of things apart from my studies. My English might not as good as I expected, but I think my view about life is far more better now.


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