I Cant Sleep

Difficulties in sleeping for me means that I have been thinking so much, that my brain were so active, resulting to difficulties in sleeping. Last few days I manage to change my sleeping routine to almost normal sleeping habits. One thing for sure, when I am very tense or very stressful, I will have the tendencies to sleep more than usual, maybe up to 8-9 hours perday.

When I set in my mind that I need to do some important works such as working on my master's thesis, I would end up being so sleepy although I have enough sleep for that day. This strange behavior is quite normal for a student like me.

Talking about my thesis, I'm still stuck at the theoretical framework, academic writing can be very extremely annoying sometimes but that is the only way to do it if you are in academic world. I would not let myself being attached or being bound by the academic style of writing for my entire life. I viewed academic as a very boring genre but it is very crucial to know it. It is like the necessary evil.

Enough with that, I end up my entry for today. In a few days, I will leave this campus for couple of weeks and so was my blogging and internet related activity.


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